For all the gear heads out there, for all the ones who wish to feel the rush in their face ,Then Supra SAE is for you. We at Team Unwired do this day in and day out. With passion and dedication we have concurred the tarmac. But that doesn't stop us from pushing ourselves , bending limits and stretching innovation we #StayUnwired.


Does the comforts annoy you ? Does the silence make you shout ? For the ones who are wild and free , BAJA SAE is calling you, at Team Unwired we answer the call the wild way . The band of passionate free spirits create the ultimate machine for taking on the wild, be it mud or rocks. The challenges we face shapes our passion. #StayWild


Social initiative of Team Unwired, Lumos provide help and quality time for differently abled and underprivileged children . By teaching them CAD and 3D modelling using solid works, we try to bring out the creativity within them, helping the world see their talents and in turn helping them see their world of imagination unfold into reality. #StayTrue

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Team Unwired
C/o Dr.V Sajith / Dr.Shijo Thomas
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
National Institute of Technology Calicut
Kattangal , Kerala , India

25th February, 2024


Disha’24 provided a unique opportunity for our team to connect directly with students, teachers and parents, introducing them to the diverse educational opportunities we offer.

11th February, 2024

IGNIS 3.0 Workshop

A comprehensive two day workshop involving various electronic components such as Node MCU, Arduino along with mechanical components such bevel and worm gears.

15th November, 2023

DISHA 2023

The team exhibited the electric Go-kart for the Disha 2022 exhibition, and co-ordinated with the CCD to introduce NITC to the public.

21st October, 2023


The team took the electric gokart to Silver Hill school to inspire young minds and show them what can be achieved with the help of science.

10th November , 2022

ARIVU 2022

Team Unwired collaborated with Human Values Group(HVG) to visit an aided school and introduce science and technology to young minds.

11th October, 2022


Both the Formula Student car and the Gokart took part in the Wheels 2022 Auto expo at NIT Calicut.

20th September, 2022


Workshops on CAD design and Arduino.The team has been actively conducting workshops to spread information and awareness about automobiles and the technology behind them.

25th May, 2018

CAD Modelling for the next generation of engineers

The next generation of engineers require the next generation of tools at their disposal. To meet with the demands of changing engineering and technology we have a evolving and updated workforce who are trained by the seniors in the field.

12th August, 2017

Performance Engineering through a child's eye

For some its a fun, for some others it's the pulse. We combined the fun and pulse to create the perfect exposture for school students and teenagers to understand how the motorsport industry works in its life.

15th July, 2017

The Tune Up Sessions

Nothing is as satisfying as the grunt of a perfectly healthy engine, achiving the same is a herculian task that requires precision and patience. Our engine crew makes sure that the engine is in the sweet spot always.

25th February, 2014

Elementary Automotive Engineering Workshop

For most of us the idea of engineering and magic are inseperable, but team unwired set out to demistify the myth of engineering by conducting workshop for high school students.

14th January, 2014

Dream beyond boundaries, #LimitlessVision

At team unwired the very pulse of every member is like the cams on full throttle, We vision beyond the present and we dare to change the futureand we dare to do it.

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